Why a book about hairdressing?

As a child, I suffered a life of cold, hunger, abuse and neglect. My little girl dream was to one day become a hairdresser. There was something calming in my world of chaos when I immersed myself into playing with hair. It all began with my dolls. My career as a hairdresser, model and makeup artist took me on a remarkable journey. Meet Helena the founder of -free services for the needy program- setup in our school of hairdressing. There are so many that will touch your heart make you laugh or cry. Share the stories, gossip, secrets and humor involving the lives I touched and that touched me. The lessons learned witty moments, accomplishments and disappointments. I write about the students, Melissa who was deaf, Billie and Dorothy only naming a few. The teachers like Miss Boobie Two Shoes or Mrs. Kitchen, customers and employers. Betty, Nora, Joel and more. All who have passed through my life. Sit in my virtual chair as you relive those times with me. Through my ears, listen to gossip, the disappointments or joys of so many. I will take you for a walk down memory lane. Hairdressers, cultivate a trust and relationship not shared with any other profession. Every person you know has been touched in one way or the other by a hairdresser or beautician.

My answer to those who ask me that simple question is I have no simple answer. I hoped I would be an inspiration to some, a reason to laugh for others or just a bit of history to more. I hope I can make you can feel the huge scale of feelings I lived through during this time.


I threw this poem in because when I was writing it I was reminded of the times we as students experimented on each other.



Walking Through The Mall

I saw the strangest sight today, walking through the mall
None of it made sense to me, made no sense at all

I was not sure if it was real or just something from a book
It wore the strangest colours and had the weirdest look

Its nails were blue as well as lips, oh what a sight to see
The hair had rainbow colours. Not real or could it be?

Its eyes didn’t match each other, one green the other blue
The clothes mismatched and torn, to show off its hoo hoo

Stripes and checks and patterns, in pink and orange and grey
Way too tight and way too short, its body on display

Hey you, I heard a holler and I turned in time to see
A group from a masquerade party coming straight at me

I guess it goes to show you that prejudging is not right
Prejudice of the unknown might be clouding up our sight

4 Responses to “Why a book about hairdressing?”

  1. sandra305 Says:

    Chris, you ARE an inspiration and your book is going to touch a lot of people and a lot of hearts!


  2. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    Chris, your story IS an inspiration to all those who suffered from abuse and have a dream.


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