Angel Tears


“Angels Tears”

An Angel shed some tears to- night ,

And they fell to earth as rain.

The thunder was her sobbing ,

And the lightning was her pain.

These tears she shed in sadness,

For the pain she knew you bore.

For the loss she knows you suffer,

And the hurt you must endure.

The sobbing for the heartache,

And the loss you’ll feel inside.

There’ll be an empty feeling there,

A hurt you cannot hide.

The lightning brings the brightness,

Even though it shows her pain.

She knows that even with God’s Love,

You will never be the same.

But the brightness, of that lightning

Will light your loved ones way.

As they join the Heavenly Father,

On this very remember able day.

So when an Angel sheds those tears.

Those tears are meant to show,

That they are sharing in our pain,

And how they love us so.

So next time that it’s raining

And you hear thunder in the sky.

Or the lightning brightens up the night,

In your heart, you will know why.


Chris H


13 Responses to “Angel Tears”

  1. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) Says:

    minimal and excellent choice of words….love your art too( always in awe with an unicorn)

    keep inspiring with your beautiful soul….:)


    • Chris Says:

      Pawan thank you so very much this is one of my paintings I do on clothing.


      • Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) Says:

        Oh, that is just amazing, so creative you are.


      • Chris Says:

        Thank you so much I will be off to visit your blog now


  2. sandra305 Says:

    “Angel Tears” is beautiful!
    Congratulations on receiving the Sunshine Blog Award! You can check it out on my new blog post at
    and then please pass the Sunshine Blog Award on to 10 bloggers who inspire you!
    Have a Sunny day!


    • Chris Says:

      Sandra thank you so much.
      Do I e mail them like you did me and then post it on my wordpress?


      • sandra305 Says:

        You can either e-mail them or let them know via a comment on their blog and then post everything on your blog. I pretty much followed Sharla (you can check her link on my blog page) to see what to do. Congratulations, you are most definitely a Sunshiny author!


      • Chris Says:

        Thank you so much. I will need a couple days is that ok


      • sandra305 Says:

        No hurry, Chris, whenever it’s convenient for you to do it. Enjoy spreading the “sunshine!”


      • Chris Says:

        I will it is such an honour to share


      • sandra305 Says:

        Couldn’t agree more and have a great day!


  3. loiswstern Says:

    This is beautiful, Chris, and very inspirational! Is it your own creation? If so, why not think about submitting this to Tales2Inspire? (Narrative poetry is also permitted)



    • Chris Says:

      Thank you Lois yes these are my own poems and paintings. I would love to submit this thank you


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