An ego builder

Yesterday while at the mall we stopped into a huge Apple store. I have been  eyeing the new Ipad. I do not use a mac but my son is always telling me until I used a Mac I would never be able to write lol. The salesman asked why I was interested in the i pad and I showed him my business card. His reaction was exactly what any writer would want. He said, ” Wow this would be so interesting. My wife , my mother and sisters would find this interesting. One of my sisters is a hairdresser. He brought my Amazon page up on the computer with this huge monitor so the whole store could see. It was wonderful for my ego.

Is this a guarantee of a sale? Not at all but right now 30 others got to view my book and someone will remember it and talk about it . This is a start and it cost me nothing. The part I was excited about was how this young man reacted to the title. It was so positive.

I received a similar experience at the post office but the clerk ordered a book and so did one of the customers. Being from a small town the competition with in authors is not great, not like a big city. So that is a plus for me. The clerk expressed how exciting it would be to have a local author book signing. It made me start thinking about how I could do that.

This is getting more exciting every day.

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  1. successbmine Says:

    That’s wonderful, Chris! I agree with Yvonne that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Keep up the good work.


  2. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    Wow! I should be so lucky. Word of mouth is still the best.


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