A day for the men

Men still did not come into salons during working hours but later when the doors had been locked. We had a fairly large clientele of men who wanted to be pampered the same as women. Barbers did not accommodate those extra needs. Ron however had to get his hair cut when I could do it. I worked strange hours and after work, I was tired. He would come to pick me up and I would cut his hair no matter the time or day. Fast easy and convenient.

Mrs. Silverstein was my last customer for that day. Ron was in the shampoo room getting Mina to wash his hair. Mrs. Silverstein had been a customer of mine for a long time but had never met Ron. As I stepped in front of her to fix her bangs, she grabbed my arm and pulled me down closer to her. Whispering to me, “Is he one of those, you know strange ones?” She very slightly tilted her head sideways towards where Ron was sitting raising her eyebrows.

I whispered, “Strange ones?”

She said, “You know one of those we don’t talk about.” She was almost mouthing the words now instead of whispering.

I started to laugh to myself. I quietly answered, “You have no idea how strange he is Mrs. Silverstein he is some WEIRD.”

“Really?” she said.

“Yep really!” I exclaimed.

Just then, Mina called out to me, “Chris your hubby is ready.”

The shocked look on Mrs. Silverstein face was priceless. She looked somewhat embarrassed. I leaned down to her and softly said, “Just because he is my hubby doesn’t make him less strange or weird” I gently squeezed her shoulder and we both laughed. She thanking me for not making her feel bad.

She said, “No wonder I like you so much you are special.” She hugged me on the way out. We never mentioned it again.

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  1. successbmine Says:

    Great post, Chris. I enjoyed reading it and smiled with you. I was wondering if Mrs. Silverstein was part of the family who owned the fish market in Brantford.

    I just got home from a trip to the big book sale in Brantford. I came home with a sack of books and 12 videos for $29.00. Had lunch and a nice visit with a friend I started Kindergarten with – a very long friendship (62 years!).


    • Chris Says:

      sounds like you had a great shopping day
      No Mr. Silverstein was from Windsor and owned an exclusive ladies clothing boutique,


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