The eye of the beholder or reader

   Unlike my painting called “In The Eye Of The Beholder” this post is not about this painting but about what is hidden in the pages of my book ” A Hairdresser’s Diary.”

At dinner last might my daughter in law and I were talking about the excitement and pride of having ones works of any kind available for others to see and share.

We discussed my next works and how I have had requests to do a second part to this book. I was surprised when she said,”You know mom you could write about the other subjects that caught my attention while reading your book.” Curiously I asked, “Like what?”

She listed these subjects: how about what it was like to grow up in a ready-made family,

living in rural Canada – roughing it as she called it,

surviving childhood abuse by my mother,

survival after the devastating car accident caused by a drunk driver,

more in-depth information about my modeling career,

the pain of losing two unborn babies,

living with depressing and chronic pain.

Her list brought on a flood of emotions, some of which I found very painful to think about. She said,”Mom, if people are telling you this book is inspirational and informative can you imagine how you might help others if you share those other stories?”

She indeed had my brain on overload when she left. Could my life’s experiences be of help to others?







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  1. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    I’ll bet you love your daughter-in-law. She sounds like a gem. And I agree. Go for it.


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