Lessons I learned

I was amazed at some of the e mails I have received after my last posting and from people who have read all or part of my book. I learned that not only was this a book about my dream it meant different things to others.

One person as you know from my last posting felt the book gave her inspiration but another wrote to say they  never before thought of their hairdresser as a friend or confidant, but after thinking about it changed their mind. They told me that they felt relaxed when they were in their hairdresser’s chair.

Another wrote to say that they don’t have the closeness with their beautician that they did when they were younger. I agree. I always cut my own hair but lately with my sore shoulder and back problems I go and have another hairdresser fix any pieces I have missed. And four out of five times when I talk to the hairdresser they don’t like what they are doing or they don’t talk at all.

The magic seems to have gone out of some of the salons that are out there. I have talked to many of those who work at the quick cut places and they mostly say the same thing . There is no excitement in what they do.

I couldn’t wait to go to work I loved the excitement and they anticipation on what would and could happen each day.

Not many can say they loved their job that much. When I am in the mall and have to sit to rest I try very hard to sit in front of the beauty salon to watch what they are doing . I feel melancholy some times as I miss those long ago days. My hubby Ron laughs at me when I point out what I would do in a circumstance. He thinks it is funny that I make comments like,”If that was my customer I would do that another way or there is an easier way than that.” If I could I would go and show them what to do. LOL LOL. Boy I sure got off subject didn’t I ?

Another comment I received was,”I didn’t know hairdressing could be so interesting I thought it was just cutting hair.” Or ” If I had of known there was so much involved I WOULD HAVE LEFT A TIP.”

So I guess I accomplished more than I thought I would so far. All of these things have convinced me that my book is also informative. Bye the way my granddaughter says she is so proud of me she is giving my book to all her friends for their birthdays. I am so delighted.


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  1. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    I ledt hairdressing 30 years ago to become a full-time mom. But I always thought of it as my favourite job. I still have my old boss do my hair and his salon still retians the magic you speak of. It’s not ALL gone.


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