I made her day

Little  did I know yesterday when I posted my book on Amazon that I would get an e-mail like I did. When I published my e-book on Kindle they let people look inside my book to read a few pages. It was not long before I received an e-mail from a young woman signed only Marilyne.

The e-mail said. Thank you angel for writing this book. I decided to read your free pages because your face looked so angelic on the front cover. I cried when I read about your younger years. I always thought I had it rough therefore I would not have a prayer to live my dream. I know God sent you to give me a message. The message was loud and clear ONLY I WAS STOPPING MYSELF, and blaming my hardships for not following through was a very lame excuse. I bought your e-book and I will use it as my guide. I am not going into the hairdressing  I want to be a health care provider. I always believed if you are beaten you will be a beater this made me afraid to put myself in the position of taking care of others. I now know it does not have to be that way. You are my inspiration.

May I call you friend?

Bless you


I asked Marilyne if I could post this for you all to read and she had no objections.

I thank Marilyne. I am humbled by her e mail.

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6 Responses to “I made her day”

  1. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Oh wow, that’s amazing, Chris! You must feel so happy and elated! Well done! 🙂


  2. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    It’s things like this that make it all worthwhile- it’s not about the money.


  3. successbmine Says:

    What a blessing! You must have been flying when you received that e-mail. How many more are there out there for you to reach with that book? You have just started and it will only get better. God bless you and the sale of your books.


    • Chris Says:

      Thank you my friend I was so touched and thanked God that I was able to help her.
      Funny how these things work.
      I was shocked with Betsy Rileys words too in my comments on my books page., Who knew a story of a childs dream ans struggles would have an i mpact.


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