A Cut Above Discrimination -Part 4

By now you should all have a feel for Helina and what she is trying to do. Now her test and fight begins.

Such passion for the less fortunate a lesser person would have given up.

Part -4

She shared with me even more of the lame excuses she heard during her frustrating meeting;

 “As board members we work hard enough.”

“I can’t give one more minute to this institution.”

       Helena held back the tear that glistened in the corner of her eye. She told me how Paula tried to help her explain the importance of this desperately needed service in a seemingly forgotten community. It was obvious to her that none of these members had ever seen hard times. Paula suggested that if Helena could convince Barnett, the only member who was associated with both boards, to listen the other members might reconsider their positions, or at least offer an alternative idea. Barnett was unavailable. He was on holidays now.Helena, seeing a glimmer of hope, used the precious time until Barnett returned making sure everything was ready for their meeting. There was no room for mistakes. She was confident that she still had a chance to make this much needed service a reality.

       Armed with both the important documentation she had prepared and plenty of confidence, she entered the small, windowless office. Barnett was busy on the phone. He motioned her to enter and pointed to the chair in front of his desk. She made herself aware of her surroundings while she waited. Barnett, slouched over his desk, fumbled through some papers and angrily grilled the recipient of his phone conversation.

     He was approximately five feet six, unattractively overweight and unkempt, his suit was ill fitted, barely fitting over his girth, his shirt and tie mismatched.


continued to morrow



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  1. successbmine Says:

    The story is intriguing. I’m just getting caught up on my blog-reading. Now to part 5 to see where this interview takes Helena. I’m enjoying your posts.


    • Chris Says:

      Thank you so much you have made my day. I am glad you are enjoying it as this is what my book A Hairdresser’s Diary is like.


  2. Chris Says:

    Thank you all for visiting and reading my stories


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