A Cut Above Discrimination – Part 3

This is the next part to my short story.I hope you are enjoying it and it is keeping you in suspense. I also hope by the time you finish reading it you are as angry as I was over the outcome.ile I lived it.

Part 3

For twenty years before coming to our school as superintendent she participated in the lives of people, and families who desperately needed help. I saw the smile in her eyes while she told me how she became employed at Paul Pope’s. It seemed that one of the services she offered had nothing to do with her social work job, and everything to do with her training as a hairdresser. She decided on her days off she would work with the homeless, poor, and less fortunate, washing and cutting their hair. For over a year she utilized a room in the basement of the building in which she worked, using the utility sink for washing hair, and a shabby kitchen chair for the patrons to sit on. She supplied all the other products and sanitizing materials she needed. This was a service she offered for free; she was only able to accommodate a very few as time was a precious commodity. Even though not advertised it was not long before she had too many people to handle alone. Thinking she had a solution, which should involve the Board Of Health. She took her plan to Paula, her superior. She was well awareHelenahad been using the room in the basement, and supported the services, and the good things she was doing. Receiving a positive reaction from Paula, a meeting was set up to take this proposal forward to the Board Of Health, and the members of the board for Social Services her employer. To her amazement and astonishment, her idea was met with an extreme negative reaction from both boards.Helena’s pitch rose, and I had to take a deep breath, just to fight back the urge to cry. She told me some of the unkind things the Board of Health members said to her.

“Yuk, who wants to touch dirty smelly hair?”

“Let someone else do it.”

“Not me, I’m busy.”

“I hope you don’t think we plan on paying anyone for these extra services.”

“If you can find help it will have to be on a volunteer basis.”

Helena was not asking the board members to get their hands dirty. She just wanted their support by supplying a place for her to perform these services. Someplace more dignified than the basement on a broken kitchen chair. She could find help on her own as long as she had the facility.

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4 Responses to “A Cut Above Discrimination – Part 3”

  1. successbmine Says:

    Helena is to be commended for her persistence in doing good to others. It’s amazing sometimes where opposition can come from and the reason (or lack of) behind it. I’m glad she finally found a place where she could continue in more dignified surroundings.


    • Chris Says:

      She made me a stronger person and I could only share what she taught me with others.I pray one day I will make a difference in someones life too.


  2. Vince Chough Says:

    When we are challenged sometimes ugliness appears. The other side of the challenge is to look past this ugliness.


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