A Cut Above Discrimination- part 2

This is part two of my short story on how we as a nation fall short of taking care of our homeless and less fortunate.This is one womans fight to rectify this injustice one head at a time. I am proud to be part of this fight.

Part 2

I had the privilege of hearing Helena talk about how hard she worked to pay for her schooling, the obstacles she fought against and how sad she was when she had to stop working in the field she so enjoyed. It was while I was shampooing Helena’s hair that she shared with me some of her wonderful stories leading up to who she was today, the long process, discouragements and her accomplishments. I watched her grimace as she recounted her decision to return to school to become a social worker once accepting the heartbreaking fact a career as a beautician was not in her future

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4 Responses to “A Cut Above Discrimination- part 2”

  1. successbmine Says:

    Just think – if she had not given up hairdressing you would never have known her. It’s amazing how life works out sometimes.


  2. Claire Cappetta Says:

    That’s sad for her, but sometimes there’s a bigger reason for these things than we realize at the time, maybe she was meant to be a social worker 🙂


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