My story continues

In A Hairdresser’s Diary there are many entries that are hard to read about or understand but to these are the things that lead up to me being the person I am to-day. My strengths and my weaknesses. I want those who think their lives have no meaning to read this and know there is away to live a dream. It does not take money but it is costly.
I pray that just one person will see themselves in me and run with the can.

Being alone is not the end of the world but you can make it feel that way if you do nothing.

If you know anyone who needs a push up and not a push out help them . I promise you will not be sorry.

I saw a movie once called Pay it Forward I feel my life was like this to some extent.

I do not belive that if you come from an abusive family or were abused you will fall into that trap. Yes you have to be more aware but it is not written in stone.

Believe me I know.

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  1. grishamareetu Says:

    It’s nice to read you blog and i enjoyed reading it.


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