Hairdressing and other stories

I would love to be writing this morning about my years as a hairdresser, make up artist and model but it seems those stories have to wait. I need to get my pages and links back for all the hard work I have already done.

I want to share with you funny stories relating to my selling Nutri Metics Cosmetics, Princess House Crystal and home soda makers.  I will make you laugh, think, cry and hopefully bring back a few memories.

I will give you tidbits out of my book and a sneak peek into the real life of the hairdressers world.

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  1. news Says:


    […]Hairdressing and other stories « A Hairdresser's Diaries[…]…


  2. Sandra McLeod Humphrey Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your stories, but I’m even more technologically-challenged than you, so I’m not much help!


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