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Welcome to my world of hairdressing, art, poetry and the stories I have written.

I have dreamt of being a hairdresser since I can remember. 60 out of my 67 year I have enjoyed this dream to some extent. I wrote a book on my experiences in this field as well as my modeling and make up artistry careers.

A Hairdresser’s Diaries takes you on a journey you will never forget. Sit in my virtual chair and enjoy.Listen to the gossip, share dreams and follow me from place to place.  Meet the people who changed my life and who’s lives I touched. You will laugh, cry and feel the pride I felt along the way.

I also write poetry and have since I was eight. Please visit my poem pages.

I will share my Flabbermouth stories with you. These are true stories of my foot in mouth disease and “Did I really say that?” times. I invented the word Flabbermouth just for these occasions.

A severe car accident 43 years ago took my career when a drunk driver hit us and drove away.

When my careers were taken away from me and chronic pain was my constant companion I had to find venues to deal with it. I taught myself to paint. I started on clothing and graduated to walls, wood, glass and now canvas. I first used only acrylics now I also use oils. I often mix the two. My art pages will give you some insight into my self-taught artistry.

Pink Cherry Blossoms

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  1. Chris Says:

    Hi, Welcome to my blog. Here I would like to share with you some of my experiences and stories from my 50 years of hairdressing. I hope you will enjoy some of the tales I have to tell.I will show you my work as an artist using oils and acrylics. Please come and enjoy your visit.


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